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I’m delighted to read that require is now included in Dojo 1.7 (at least in the beta form).

Here is an example of why – to write some code, you just create a Java Script file, name it “math.js” with the following: Console shows the version details and then “loaded”. There is no need for any hardcoded namespacing or hairy module paths. (If you’re not a web developer, then this probably won’t :-)) I saw a tweet from @dalmaer that HTML5 Boilerplate was nearing its first release and decided to challenge myself to setting up a “Hello World” website with all the essential basics in 120 seconds (I did not – I actually fell over at the first hurdle with file permissions). There are times when I like to have a separation of content and presentation in my i Widgets, with the presentation defined through style sheets.

Problem When a Human Task is brought up, for example, in the Task Information widget, a 404 error will show – that the form could not be found.

The problem here is that the web projects are deployed as part of their enterprise applications on the Process Server, rather than on the Portal. Get the WAR files Bring up Web Sphere Integration Developer (or a JEE-based tooling), switch to the “Web” perspective, and the web projects should appear in the “Enterprise Explorer” list – usually their names end with “web”.

This firewall allowed the SSH port (23) however, so, naturally, I employed SSH tunnelling.