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While equal pay for men and women in public service was the rule rather than the exception, both the government and NGOs noted considerable disparities in pay between men and women in the private sector, particularly in agriculture.Historically, female labour force participation rates in Trinidad and Tobago are lower than male participation rates.Over the past two decades (1990-2010), this disparity between these rates has been decreasing.

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Women in Trinidad and Tobago excel in various industries and occupations including micro-enterprise owners, "lawyers, judges, politicians, civil servants, journalists, and calypsonians." Women still dominate the fields of "domestic service, sales, and some light manufacturing." Women of Afro-Trinidadian mix commonly become "heads of households," thus with acquired "autonomy and power." By participating in Trinidad and Tobago's version of the Carnival, Trinidadian and Tobagonian women demonstrate their "assertive sexuality." Some of them have also been active in so-called Afro-Christian sects and in running the "sou-sou informal rotating credit associations." asserts that historical views of race and colonialism impact Trinidadian culture in such a way that are often excluded from Western feminist studies.

"Caribbean gender theory has to wrangle with the boundedness of patriarchy at the same time as it tussles with the barnacles of colonialism and imperialism." Gender performances in Trinidad and Tobago occupy three distinct spaces: physical, social, and cultural.

Generally, women are dominant in the service industry and as clerks and associate professionals.