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The Wang Zhi Ping Tai Chi School offers a personalised instruction from insightful and patient teacher with years of teaching experience of people from different countries and continents in a quiet, peaceful and beautiful environment that provides enough personal space to relax and free your mind.

And all of that in Yangshuo that has many tourist attractions, beautiful scenery, good hotels and restaurants at affordable prices.

Find us on Facebook: Please explore our website for further information about learning Tai Chi/Qigong in beautiful Yangshuo, China. I have studied Tai Chi here for two months and I learnt quicker than I could ever imagine.

When I first arrived in Yangshuo I had only planned on staying only for a few days and then return to Wudang Shan to continue learning Kung Fu, I found a good Tai Chi School, a very good teacher and so I have stayed longer and probably will return in the Autumn.

On talking to people in Yangshuo you hear of many similar stories, it is very easy here.

The instruction at the school is tough but excellent.