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The soldier was enraged by this, and killed Archimedes with his sword.Plutarch also gives a account of the death of Archimedes which suggests that he may have been killed while attempting to surrender to a Roman soldier.Valerius Maximus, writing in Memorable Doings and Sayings in the 1st century AD, gives the phrase as "..protecto manibus puluere 'noli' inquit, 'obsecro, istum disturbare'" - "...

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Plutarch wrote in his Parallel Lives that Archimedes was related to King Hiero II, the ruler of Syracuse.

It is unknown, for instance, whether he ever married or had children.

With the exception of Working Memory, these relations were not attenuated with statistical control for cardiovascular, lifestyle and dietary factors.

Prospective analyses revealed no association between cognitive function and chocolate intake measured up to 18 years later.

The last words attributed to Archimedes are "Do not disturb my circles", a reference to the circles in the mathematical drawing that he was supposedly studying when disturbed by the Roman soldier.

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