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In last week’s episode ("Van’s Agent"), Van falsely tells gay sports agent Sadie (played by Wendie Malick of Just Shoot Me), whom he is trying to impress, that Reba is gay — and fails to mention his gaffe to Reba.

When Sadie comes over to meet the family, she and Reba hit it off, and Reba — looking for new friends since her "girlfriend" moved away—inadvertently asks Sadie out.

was being cancelled, there were rumors that the show might continue — either on another network or in the form of a spin-off. While there’s no official word that the spin-off was ever seriously being considered, it seems pretty certain that it won’t be happening.

There were rumors that cable channel Lifetime (that airs castmembers would stop by as needed (or as the budget would allow).

Both Howey and Garcia have just been cast in new series pilots.