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Its long list of questions makes the puzzle even more baffling than a challenge by Gergely Dudas who first drove the internet mad trying to find a panda among a group of snowmen, and a cat blended into rows of owls.Johanna Young was just 14 years old when she left her home in Merton Road, Watton, on a cold and foggy night the day on December 23 1992.She had last been seen on Watton High Street near Mr Chippy, which is now called Little Gary’s Plaice, at around 8pm on December 23.

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He alerted the police, who found Johanna’s body a few hundred yards away with her lower clothing removed and her jeans missing, although there was no evidence of a sexual motive.

A post-mortem examination revealed that she had died from drowning after suffering a fractured skull.

Another young man from the town was arrested but was not charged.

Following the 21st anniversary appeal of Johanna’s murder, Norfolk police had the “best response” they had ever received from the public regarding a cold case which led to two more suspects being arrested in 2014.

“I would urge those people to please search their consciences, to please come forward and provide answers for the family.” Johanna’s parents Rob and Carol, who still live in Watton, first realised their daughter hadn’t come home when her alarm clock rang at 6am on Christmas Eve but no-one was there to switch it off.