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In that Ernst Lubitsch classic co-workers James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan bicker constantly at the department store they work for. To update it to the 21st century, Whelchel is a florist who is a blogger who writes an Ann Landers like column on being a single parent. Michael Shanks who is also a single parent and replies to her with his own screen name.

They get a running feud going and entertain her internet followers.

But when Whelchel and Shanks meet in real life it's the real deal for romance.

Unlike in The Shop Around The Corner where it's the characters they create in their letters where Stewart and Sullavan fall for each other.

‘I have spoken at length to Lady Olivier and will now start interviewing the stars he worked with here and abroad.’Just a fortnight shy of her 91st birthday, actress Dinah Sheridan has found herself working again.