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A variety of Meet Cute: A bad first impression wherein a character in a hurry or simply not paying attention runs into another character as their first meeting, often done while Late for School. With the latter situations, this usually starts a small animosity but is a nice guarantee to the audience that they'll get together by the end of the show.

Sometimes the inattentive/hurrying character apologizes for doing so, but the other character shrugs it off with some snarky comment. If there is no animosity involved, this kind of situation is perfect for a Love at First Sight scenario. A sweeter method is for one character to drop a pile of things, and the characters's eyes to meet as the other one gives them a hand picking things up.

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Zimbaldi didnt pay for, who is worried that Chyna will fall for the handsome leading man, Jared. Endur ANTs: Fletcher tries to empress Chyna by braving the outback alone, Chyna seemed the only one worried about Fletcher, Chyna was close to saying her feelings for Fletcher, they had their first real moment in this episode.