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in 1952 [1] and concerned the TN strain, later identified as type 2 poliovirus.

A type 1 strain, called SM, was reported in 1954 [2], and its descendant, a virus called “CHAT” was reported in 1957 [3].

Testimony by eyewitnesses, historical documents of the time, epidemiological analysis, and analysis of ancillary phylogenetic, virological, and polymerase chain reaction data all indicate that this hypothesis is false.

Poliomyelitis is rapidly disappearing from the world, thanks in large part to the widespread use of the oral polio vaccine (OPV) strains developed by Albert Sabin.

In addition, 2 people involved in the manufacture of CHAT at Wyeth Laboratories, Dr. Howard Tint (personal communications) both deny that chimpanzee cells were ever used at Wyeth. In the search for a kidney cell culture system for growing hepatitis virus, he had 6 kidneys from chimpanzees sent to his laboratory at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for preparation of kidney cell cultures [13]. Joseph Stokes Jr., chief pediatrician at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, was associated with the vaccine trials in New Jersey, the hepatitis work was carried out exclusively at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia research laboratory headed by Werner Henle, which was then located in another part of Philadelphia.