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The artifact is on the ground, just to the right of the throne. Eventually, there will be a split in the path leading down. After the elevator stops, go up the stairs and to the right to find the final artifact. " trophy In Chapter 17: Martyr's Chamber, when opening the torture apparatus at the very beginning of the chapter, a dead body will fall out.

Instead of taking it upstairs and placing it on the pressure plate, pull the corpse hanging by the chain into the torture apparatus.

Thus, there is no need to reach the next checkpoint. Prisoner's Oath Stone (Chapter 2: The Sewers): After exiting the sewers, climb a wall, and pull the lever. The artifact is behind the gate where the Goat Warriors came from. Circe's Vial (Chapter 5: The Village Of Kirra): After defeating the two Elephant Warriors (Juggernauts), go right, and then left. Oracle Seeker's Offering (Chapter 9: Ice Caverns): After returning with the third snake, there will be a short cutscene showing how a tower gets activated. Stonemason's Chisel (Chapter 21: The Forearm Of Apollo): After using the Oath Stone of Orkos to get up the elevator, go to the right to find the artifact in a hidden alcove. Archimedes' Treatise (Chapter 23: The Furnace): The artifact is on a table, next to the corpse of Archimedes and a red and a green orb chest.

Jump onto the moveable cage, then jump onto the balcony. Go into the tower, and instead of going up, go down as far as possible to find the artifact. Aletheia's Charm (Chapter 11: Delphi Catacombs): After jumping off the large swinging pendulum and onto the hour glass, there will be a throne ahead. Boat Captain's Idol (Chapter 15: The Grotto): After defeating the two Ice Warriors, you will need to destroy two metal chains to open a door. Dive into the water, and follow the underwater path. Orko's Cloak (Chapter 16: Prison Of The Damned): Once you are in control of Kratos after the cuscene with the cloaked flying woman, turn around. To the right of the two chests and locked door, in a hidden corner, is the artifact. This is after crossing over to the other side with the platform. Statue Worker's Idol (Chapter 25: The Furnace): After finishing the long elevator ride and pulling back the lever to open the shutter revealing a bright light, look in the top left corner of the platform to find the artifact. Antikythera Mechanism (Chapter 28: Trial Of Archimedes): After completing the Trial Of Archimedes, you will go back through a blue portal, and then a platform will automatically bring you to a lower level.

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