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It was like a candy store for me, just filled with hundreds of kinky items – many of which I’d never seen before.It was so eye opening to see that there were other people out there who liked the things I did, and enough of them that there was a business and a catalog full of stuff made for them.But I don’t bother trying to glue down the seam allowances.

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I actually made two more versions of this hood, in addition to the two above. The heavier leather usually means you need to size more generously as it will stretch much less than a lighter weight.

In my attempt to up the size, my third version was too large, and had a bit of a bump at the forehead.

These were a total departure from my typical working method, being composed completely of vinyl straps.

There was no pattern in the traditional sense, just a series of straps joined together one piece at a time.

The poor slave inside will be pretty helpless and trapped in a belly-down position.

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