Employee dating policies sample

If you include self-evaluation in your company's formal review process, managers should take information provided by employees into consideration when completing their evaluations, being sure to include a discussion of perception differences that may be apparent during the performance appraisal meeting.If your company has adopted the popular 360-degree approach to performance appraisal, it will also be necessary to gather peer reviews from individuals who work with the employee being evaluated.

You can adjust this sample office policy to conform to federal, state, and local laws.

Before and after adjusting this, you should seek the counsel of a qualified attorney licensed within the proper jurisdiction to ensure compliance with all pertaining laws. Changes happen as a result of internal growth, legal requirements, competitive forces or general economic conditions that affect our profession.

Whether you are just implementing a formal performance appraisal process in your company or you are searching for ideas to help you update the documents you are currently using, reviewing example forms can be very helpful.

Review these five sample documents, each one is specific to a different type of evaluation.

If you're more interested in having managers provide qualitative feedback to employees, this sample form may meet your needs.