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Also, as a portent of death in association with the devil, the creature is always black, and always a dog. Hand prints from Cueva de las Manos, Santa Cruz, Argentina Examples of hand print art in caves have been found in southern France, in Australia, Argentina, Africa and Borneo. This totals at least 184 sarsens (some of which are up to 50 tons weight).

Black Dogs have been sighted in the Isle of Man, Brittany, and the Channel Islands. In northern Spain hand prints were believed to be some 40,800 years old (Subbaraman, 2013) where of 32 hand stencils 24 were female. These sarsens are hard grey sandstone ‘rafts’ above the chalk of the Marlborough Downs. Plan of Avebury showing the stone arrangement of the henge. the chronology of megalithic Avebury because few radiocarbon dates exist.

The barguest type is a shape-shifter which no true Black Dog ever does. Kennet Avenue comprises two parallel rows of sarsens 50 feet wide, 80 feet apart, and one and a half miles long when ending at the Sanctuary (1 mile to the south east) on Overton Hill, see Ffigure 7. Avebury showing the circles and the stones of Kennet Avenue. The avenue has some 200 megaliths with Beckhampton Avenue possibly similar, see Figure 8, which combined with the 60 of the sanctuary and 12 for Faulkner’s Circle, has a total in excess of 600. Map showing the relationship of Kennet and Beckhampton Avenues to Avebury. beside four of the Kennet Avenue stones, which arise over a ridge and descend towards Kennet Valley. It has an internal structure and recent excavations (R.

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Archaeology and mythology indicate a special role for dogs with a symbolic relationship to humans. AVEBURY STONE 106 COPYRIGHT MARTIN RINGER 2012 " data-medium-file="

Probably domesticated properly some 10,000 years ago (Zeuner, 1963), their domestication “…may well have commenced in the Pleistocene age and was certainly present by Mesolithic times.” (Brown, 1978). w=300&h=282" data-large-file=" w=500" class="size-medium wp-image-5298 aligncenter" src=" w=300&h=282" alt="PICTURES FROM THE PAST - AVEBURY STONE 106" width="300" height="282" srcset="

In witchcraft the Black Dog is regarded as being familiar of the Devil, the creature thus symbolises the Devil during the witch transformation. The deposition of white chalk balls in the ditches of Avebury suggests egg, and therefore fertility (Burl, 1981).

The Black Dog is believed to be the Devil in Germany and most Scandinavian lands. The implication is that a mythological cycle exists for the Avebury environs coupled inextricably to the worship of the Mother Goddess (implying a matriarchal form of social organisation) linked to creation and fertility.

These are the features that underpin most mythology, superstition and folklore concerning dogs. The Black Dog is usually described as larger than a normal dog with large glowing red eyes. Yet 3 phases were determined and revealed a stepped pyramid shape.