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He had apparently targeted RBS because it continues to pay bonuses even though it is 81 per cent state-owned following the 2008 banking crisis.Video taken during the protest shows Brand posing with a female fan before he tells the camera he is making a film about 'financial inequality'.

For the RBS staff who bore the brunt of the millionaire comedian's protest were ordinary bank workers.

And one has now taken the self-styled revolutionary to task, describing him as puerile, a bully and a 'prancing millionaire'.

Putting one's face that close to someone else's and staring into their eyes is how primates square off for a fight.

I can honestly say that the only other people ever to talk to me the way you did were school bullies.''One last thing, Russell.

Although not — and I really can't emphasise this enough, Russell — not as much as I deserve lunch.