Dating college football players

I wish him the best of luck in whatever he decides to do.We always gonna be together, so it is what it is," Liles says cryptically.You can talk about community service, you can talk about the graduation rates, and all that is very important.

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Vince Vaughn was all smiles and a little lighter in his wallet after Saturday night.

"He looks a little thin in person." Fueling speculation about our previous report that Jay-Z is teaming with Warner Music Group to create a new label (tentatively titled Carter Music Group, after Jay's given name, Shawn Carter), has posted an exclusive interview with Kevin Liles, the executive vice president of WMG, stating: "Jay is going to do Jay.

Everyone is looking for an edge, and everyone is guarding against giving up theirs.

Pete Carroll may have oozed cool as the head coach of USC from 2001 to '09, but his former offensive coordinator Norm Chow admits that the two-time BCS championship winner was "unbelievable" when it came to his level of paranoia, believing everyone to be crooked.

Digital playbooks can be easily stored on tablets, and when they fall into the wrong hands they are automatically erased by what one company calls a "dead man's switch" that activates after three consecutive incorrect passwords are entered or if the device's GPS shows that it's not within a predefined safe zone such as the team's facilities or dorm rooms.