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With this in mind, he decided not to return to his father’s shop. With his two best friends, Amleto Pomé and Mario Vettoruzzo, he assembled a team of fifteen employees to start a new business in the Varese region—the same area of northwest Italy in which his grandfather, Achille Sr., commissioned his own designs more than 60 years before. Retailers were skeptical of placing Italian pipes alongside their best sellers from England or France, and customers, in turn, were hesitant to purchase a Savinelli over pipes by already established, foreign brands. stood by his product, however; he knew it was only a matter of time before the world realized that these pipes were of a far superior quality, capable of competing with even the most well-established pipe manufacturers in the world. In less than a year, Savinelli pipes gained prestige in markets all across the world—heralded for their delicate balance of innovation and tradition, of form and function.

The store’s success kept Carlo and his wife occupied during business hours, leaving their son, Achille, to his own devices.

Much like his father, and his grandfather before him, his “own devices,” as it turned out, were pipes.

He knew his customers and their tastes, and he adapted his service and promotional talents to meet their individual demands.

Driven by Carlo’s hospitality and the comfortable atmosphere he created, the Savinelli shop soon became the principal meeting place in Milan for pipe enthusiasts, where smokers could exchange opinions and discuss their own experiences—all with pipe in hand.

A tiny "O-ring" sort of gasket goes around the inside of the base to provide the seal when it is closed so the fluid won't leak.