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UNTV37 catered the latest Ang Dating Daan Worldwide Bible Exposition through its program “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path) wherein people from different remote places can ask the host, Bro. Eli explains that what is unlawful today is for the pastor or preacher to collect tithes from his members, because the authority to collect tithes is given to Levites and to Israelites alone and not to anybody.

Irresponsible Writer It was Sunday morning, when I saw an article written by an irresponsible writer announcing about the rape case of Bro.

bro soriano ang dating daan-30 Eli Soriano Razon Dating Daan TV Old Path TV Know the Truth Daniel “Puto” Veridiano the person who accused and filed a rape case against Bro. Watch this video so that you will have an idea what type of person he is.

Sunday, March 1, 2015, a religious debate happened between Bro.

The man with his colleage, in Navotas, is asking series of question to Bro. As I remember, the man from Navotas cited Mathew as he is claiming that all laws including tithing as law of Moses and law of God shall be taught in all the world. And that was law of Moses and to the children of Israel must obey. Eli said, we are not Israelites and pastors today are not Levites. Those greedy pastors even uses Bible verse to extort their members.

Soriano about “tithes” and claiming that tithing at present is still part of God’s law and Christians must follow it. (KJV) The man from Navotas mentioned different verses that I already forgot. These pastors told their members that they rob God when they did not gave their tithes to them. The reason why there are many pastors who are very rich and even have they own jet plane and airport.

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