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The four men: Maele Maele, 28, his two 20-year-old nephews Apisai and Leti Maele, and friend Andrew Apineru, 26, are facing deportation back to their home nation of New Zealand following their release from jail for their respective and disgusting roles in the attack.

Each pleaded guilty to three counts of intentionally causing injury and one count of recklessly causing injury.

What we think Group dates takes the pressure off, and this sounds like a great way to meet new peeps and possibly try out a new nightspot.

Downsides Love (or even genuine lust) is a long shot – but if it happens, what are the odds you and your pal get the hots for the same guy? Bad Date Rescue (i Phone, Android) Shocker first dates are a rite of passage when you’re single, but this app saves the day and any hurt feelings.

Sydney journalist Rachel Smith moonlights as an advice columnist and runs Letter To My Ex.